I Think My Account May Have Been Compromised

If you’re concerned your account may be compromised, or is under threat of being compromised, it’s best to act quickly. And, though this can be a scary situation, we can help. We take account security seriously.

How Do I Know if My Account Is Compromised?

Here are some common indicators that an account may have been compromised.

  • When you attempt to log in, you see an error message that says the account does not exist.
  • You received an unexpected email from our site. This may include forgot username emails or password reset emails you didn’t request.

It’s possible that it’s a false alarm and that a user with a similar username mistakenly typed in your username when they attempted to reset their password. Don’t worry! They won’t be able to change your password or view your account. Only you will receive the password reset request email.

If you can’t log in to your account, double-check that you’re typing in the correct username and password. It’s possible that if multiple users on the account share login credentials, another user might have changed the username, password, or both. Check with your account users to see if they’ve changed any account settings recently.

How Your Account Might Have Been Compromised

There are two ways account compromises normally happen.

  1. The most common scenario is that someone had access to your account and tried to undermine or disrupt your access to it. This sort of scenario often gets resolved in court.
  2. It’s also possible your computer has been infected with malware that logs everything you type. In that case, all of your passwords can be stolen in order to use your accounts in various ways.

How to Protect a Compromised Account

If you believe your account has been compromised:

  1. Contact us (with a secure email address) and let us know what’s going on.
  2. Then, log in and reset your password (if appropriate).

Charges for Stolen Accounts

If your account has been stolen, the last thing you’re probably thinking about are shop payments. But rest assured, you won’t receive or be charged for any products purchased by the person who broke into your account.